Interview- DJ Kaleem

Merc & KaleemWhen you talk about dope DJs, Kaleem is known as “Your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ.”

While it may be a description he gave himself, DJ Kaleem is actually right on point with that assertion.  He brings in the spirit of the DJ wherever he goes.  He knows what to play, he mixes it well, and he’s unpredictable.

A DJ’s DJ.

I had seen him around at a number parties before I ever heard him spin.  He’s a local celebrity, especially known amongst the taste-makers of LA.  Anytime I saw him he stood out with his glasses, large stature, and fashion that seemed to be a cross between Old School Hip Hop and Prep.  Anytime I get to see him spin, he never fails to get everyone in the room ready to rock, whether it was Afro-beat, House, Hip Hop, or anything else.

I got a chance to get his story in full.

Part 1:

– How he fell in love with DJing

– His family’s appreciation for music

– How he studied the craft

– The differences in the digital age with Serato

Part 2:

– DJ AM & Roc Raida

– Vinyl in the digital age

– DJs he recommends

– Where you can find him

– Words of advice

And what great timing!

Here’s a VALENTINE’S DAY MIX from DJ Kaleem!

Download it so you can play it while you snuggle that special someone.

OR, maybe you can find a new mate and impress them with your music taste while you wine and dine.

OR, just chill and soak up the sound.  You have at least 3 good options.  You can’t lose.

Be sure to get his other mixes here:



  • Wow! I really enjoyed this interview. Kinda wish DJ Kaleem was still on the east coast *tear* but he seems like a real insightful dude, who’s spinning I would enjoy on a night out.

    But I’ll settle for his podcasts (I downloaded the Valentine’s Day mix, which was excellent!).

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