Interview- DJ DIZAM!

Merc80+ DJ Dizam

With the rise of Serato & ipod DJs, there are a lot of people who think they know what it takes.  It’s not as simple as you think.  DJ Dizam is an example of skills.

I met Dizam through a few mutual friends last year.  I heard her spin on a Hip Hop night.  She was dope.  Seamless selections & blends.

I heard her at another event spinning some Afro-Beat & international stuff a few weeks later.

Once again, seamless.   Once I talked to her, I knew I had to get her story.

Part 1

-How she became a DJ
-What the hardest part of DJing was for her to learn
-Her favorite artists to play
-DJs breaking new music


-Her future goal as a documentary filmmaker
-The business side of being a DJ
-How she got her name
-Where else you can catch her

When I interviewed her she was working on her mixtape…
Listen here.  It’s dope as hell!

Her site:



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