The Jam- Episode 3: Dilla

jdilla5It’s been a while!  Sorry for the wait on this side of things, but I’ve been pretty active on a lot of fronts.

Wanna be sure to catch you up on many many things, and lot of changes happening. But I especially want you to peep The Jam podcasts I’ve had going with my friends Kim & Chris at BlackIsOnline.

Episode 3 is dedicated to the one and only James Yancey aka J Dilla.

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The Jam – Episode 2 feat. Nola Darling


And we’re back with more of The Jam!

In this episode we talk to my good friends Nola Darling. I also throw a party with these ladies every 3rd Saturday of the month in Los Angeles. So, if you’re in town and look for something to do after Valentine’s Day, come thru!

Head on OVER HERE and give the podcast a listen!


The Jam- Episode 1 feat. Desmond Marzette



Hey there!

If you didn’t know, I started a bi-monthly podcast called The Jam!

Check out Episode 1 with my friend Desmond Marzette. Desmond is currently the Global Director of Advertising for Jordan. He has done work with Nike and various other great ad campaigns, including being the namesake of Lil Dez in the Lebron vs Kobe ad campaigns. He is also a DJ, and my good friend!

Head on over HERE and check it out!


Interview: Corey & Fatima pt 3


As we round out the finale of the 3 part interview with Corey and Fatima on Isis Dynasty, I highly implore you to visit their IndieGogo page and donate anything you can to their cause. For all the complaints there are of nothing different and fresh in the entertainment market, now is the time for you to directly contribute to the cause!

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Interview- Corey & Fatima pt 2

Isis poster 5x7 (nov-11)

   As we continue with Corey and Fatima, we delve deeper into the craft of making the film, especially what it’s like working in a partnership for a role that is usually held by one person, and how being in an indie film requires people to play multiple roles at once. Fatima also gives terrific insight into how she had to balance being a director, who is usually behind the camera, while being the lead actress. For many people, managing multiple tasks is daunting and can sometimes dilute the quality of the project. But with the right people and great understanding of how each position must be played, Corey and Fatima were able to bring it all together to ensure that their movie was made with the exact right balance for the vision to be complete.

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